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The mission of the American Choral Directors Association is to inspire excellence in choral music through education, performance, composition, and advocacy.


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Choosing to Sing Choral Music

As we go about our work as American choral directors, and as we ponder our planning for the future, it is also helpful to reflect on where we have come from.

By mid-19th century, the United States had moved from its English heritage when it came to music making, to almost becoming a German province. Germans did not merely promulgate their tastes and melodic idiom to Americans; more significantly as Sherer states in A History of American Classical Music, “they brought a particular attitude toward music as an art, a devotion to it as a serious, infinitely valuable pursuit, one more akin to religion than to amusement, with a profound reverence for music’s saints and heroes.” This attitude ultimately led to the US embrace of a culture of amateur music making it would call its own.
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Together we will approach engagement in choral singing, and new opportunities for choral singing, through our current tools and through new tools still under development. In the meantime, it is important for all of us to know we have called lifelong singing a priority and worthy of our collective time and resources.

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Once upon a time there were two vowels, the “i” vowel, and the “e” vowel, that decided they should collaborate. They both had long-established and important reputations on their own, but in a more demanding and competitive world, they realized they needed to work together to create something sorely needed, and to create something they were unable to do on their own.

Their shared desire was toward achieving the word “quiet,” which ultimately meant they had to work together as strong, but equal partners. They knew this condition if “quiet” were to come about in an increasingly noisy and congested world. To achieve this, they had to tap some unseen and heretofore unknown, but complementary, thread of collaborative creativity related to an overlapping thread in their mission.

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       We have learned a great deal throughout our two-year long strategic planning process. It is no accident that the chair of the Steering Committee for the 2013 National Conference also chaired the work of our strategic planning. As a result, what you read in the pages of the special March issue of the Choral Journal is a reflection of what we learned in our planning efforts.
        My work over the next few years will be to lead our association in developing relevant, scalable, and sustainable action plans for the outcomes articulated in our strategic planning work. I will frame the beginnings of this vision in terms of the pillars of our mission statement. The “action” items listed below each component of our mission statement come from actual wording coming out of our ACDA Leadership Conference last summer, refined following that event....More
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       The mission of the American Choral Directors Association is

To inspire excellence in choral music through
education, performance, composition, and advocacy.

       We are continuing the celebration of this simple, clear mission statement in all our publications and media releases. As a member of ACDA, it is my hope that you will embrace this statement in your own publications and interactions, since together we are ACDA.
       As we move into the next phase of strategic planning, you will see and hear our leadership delivering “strategic thinking” that resulted from our work together in Dallas in June....More
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January Blog

In the November Choral Journal I wrote about the four areas of focus from the American Choral Directors Association’s new mission statement. Those areas are Education, Performance, Composition, and Advocacy. I identified these areas as the four pillars of our mission statement, which states…. The mission of the American Choral Directors Association is to inspire excellence in choral music through education, performance, composition, and advocacy.

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As one of my primary life and career mentors retired and moved to a location closer to children and grandchildren, this giant in my career made a point of sending some of the physical reminders of his work and craft to his protégés. It was a personal and extraordinarily meaningful gesture on his part. The personal items from his life of work arrived without a note of explanation, or even a signature--none was needed. The message was clear and self-apparent. My mentor knew I would know the meaning of his gift and symbol, and he knew I had no practical need for it....More
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The choral conductor by definition has stepped into a highly visible
position of leadership. A worthy leader is not satisfied with doing only
good work--it is our desire to move from good to great. In Jim Collins'
writing on moving good organizations to great organizations, he offers
key ideas for moving in this direction....More
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It is appropriate to take a moment to reflect on the state of our American Choral Directors Association as I begin my fourth year as ACDA’s third Executive Director.

It remains an honor to serve the membership of ACDA in this capacity: I enjoy the challenges, and the opportunity to bring value and inspiration to ACDA’s membership. The opportunity to foster and promote the very best in choral music is a worthy endeavor....More
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As the American Choral Directors Association enters a new year and a new decade, our agenda is energetic and shows great promise for the further transformation of the Association. As we advance the ACDA choral mission of excellence in education and performance, we will continue to help our membership advance their own skills and professional network, and we will do so by focusing on the following priorities:

1) strategic planning,
2) education and communication,
3) technological advancements,
4) innovative conferences, and
5) choral research....More
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