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The mission of the American Choral Directors Association is to inspire excellence in choral music through education, performance, composition, and advocacy.


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       The mission of the American Choral Directors Association is the compass we always have in front of us as we plan, publish, convene, advocate, and act. The needle of that compass always points to education, performance, composition, and advocacy—
        The mission of the American Choral Directors Association is to inspire excellence in choral music through education, performance, composition, and advocacy.
       This statement is at the heart of our 2013 ACDA National Conference in Dallas. In the following pages, you will see how our mission comes to life over and over through concert and educational programming, choral composition and resource awareness, calls to work and action, and industry support. Each page will speak to one of our major pillars of education, performance, composition, and advocacy.
       If you are attending the 2013 national conference, you will experience much of this first-hand. If you are one of the many students in attendance who is pursuing the choral profession, this will also be a first-time experience. Two hundred and fifty students will be there as a result of ACDA’s proactive work with their state ACDA chapters in underwriting scholarships to help with the cost of their attendance. If you are not attending the 2013 national conference, the following pages will be a post-conference guide. Though nothing can replace the in-person experience of the conference, we will be working to make some of the programming and resources from Dallas available through ACDA’s online domains. Audio, video, and other digital content will make the performances, interest sessions, choral literature reading sessions, and other offerings available to present and future ACDA members.
       We have learned a great deal throughout our two-year long strategic planning process. It is no accident that the chair of the Steering Committee for the 2013 National Conference also chaired the work of our strategic planning. As a result, what you read in these pages is a reflection of what we learned in our planning efforts.
        My work over the next few years will be to lead our association in developing relevant, scalable, and sustainable action plans for the outcomes articulated in our strategic planning work. I will frame the beginnings of this vision in terms of the pillars of our mission statement. The “action” items listed below each component of our mission statement come from actual wording coming out of our ACDA Leadership Conference last summer, refined following that event.

• ACDA Action - ACDA will develop a mentoring program to connect             emerging conductors with experienced conductors, and to connect         all members to each other.

• ACDA Action - ACDA will develop a successful urban outreach initiative.
• ACDA Action - ACDA will redefine the organizational structure of             ACDA’s Repertoire and Standards areas.

•  ACDA Action-ACDA will establish a code of ethics for our profession.

•  ACDA Action - ACDA will encourage and expand grass-roots events, inspiring excellence.

•  ACDA Action - ACDA will balance its efforts between choral education process and choral performance.

•  ACDA Action - ACDA will celebrate artistic growth.

•  ACDA Action - ACDA will provide models of choral performance to all local communities.

•  ACDA Action - ACDA will pursue a definition and understanding of what makes choral music compelling.

•  ACDA Action -  ACDA will promote excellence in elementary choral repertoire.

•  ACDA Action - ACDA will be the resource for the choral canon.

•  ACDA Action-ACDA will nurture, foster, and mentor emerging conductors and choral musicians as artists and teachers of singing.

•  ACDA Action-ACDA will embrace cultural diversity in membership, and will be welcoming and relevant to all races and ethnicities.

•  ACDA Action-ACDA will involve pre-professional students in all facets of leadership.

•  ACDA Action-ACDA will award emerging conductors financial support to enable conference participation.

       I am sure you agree with me that our American Choral Directors Association membership and leadership have not only succeeded in their strategic planning, but also that they have boldly and solidly moved our mission forward.
       I want to underscore that not only is the above a set of plans I enthusiastically embrace, but also this is the vision and planning of our membership and national leadership. The months and years ahead are now energized through this plan, and we will be celebrating as we move forward March 13-16, 2013, at our ACDA National Conference in Dallas, Texas.  As we know, in Dallas everything is big, so we will “Go Big” there, and then go home to do big things for the choral art.
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