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American Choral Directors Association


ACDA is committed to the field of research as applied to choral music and publishes monographs and a composer series in both traditional and digital formats.  The committee therefore manages several ongoing projects that both support and generate research and publications.  The current chair of the Research and Publications Committee is John Silantian.

Choral Journal Editorial Board
Convention Activities:  Poster Session and Conference Interest Sessions
Julius Herford Prize: Outstanding Dissertation
International Journal of Research in Choral Singing
Monographs and Composer Series
Organizational History

Library of Congress: “American Choral Music: 1870-1923” (John Silantien, Chair)
The Library of Congress and ACDA joined formally into a historic agreement to build a webpage at the LOC entitled “American Choral Music: 1870-1923.” The site launched Phase One with 26 pieces of choral music in April, 2008 within the Library’s website ( in the “Performing Arts Encyclopedia.” Phase Two added 50 more pieces to the project.

The purpose of the site is to provide:
•    important America choral repertoire for choral conductors to download legally, and without cost, in order to enhance programming;
•    significant introductions on the composers and the music;
•    supporting graphic materials and links to other sites;
•    published works by American composers;
•    works that are in the public domain;
•    works that, as a group, are a combination of sacred and secular, mixed chorus, women’s chorus and men’s chorus;
•    brief works less than 10 minutes in length;
•    works that are unaccompanied or are accompanied by a limited number of concerted instruments.

National Symposium on American Choral Music
ACDA presented it's “First National Symposium” on American Choral Music 
in Washington, D.C., in June, 2012.  It focused on American choral music at 
the Library of Congress, as well as newer music by American choral 
composers.  A commentary on the event was published in the September 2012 issue of the Choral Journal.

Symposium on Latin American Music (John Silantien, Chair)
ACDA plans to present it’s “Second National Symposium” on Latin American Music in June, 2015.

ACDA Monograph and Composers Series: Call for Proposals
The ACDA National Research and Publications Committee is seeking proposals for its Monograph and Composers Series. 
Submission Guidelines:
1. The subject matter should be of interest and value to the profession; it should extend the knowledge of choral conductors;
it should make a scholarly contribution to the literature about choral music.
2.  The topic may be specific or broad, but not so narrow as to appeal to only a handful of specialists or so general as to be common knowledge.
3.  The topic should be clearly described and delineated in the following format:  
a.  a statement of purpose
b.  a statement of the need for the study
c.  a review of related literature
d.  an outline of contents
e.  a sample chapter or two
f.  a bibliography.
4.  The monograph proposal should be submitted to the National Chair of theResearch and Publications Committee: William Belan ( The proposal will then be blind reviewed by a panel of three readers, made up of choral professionals from throughout the United States.
5.  Authors will be notified regarding acceptance of their proposals within three months of the date of submission.
          Submission Deadline:  Open

Julius Herford Dissertation Competition (Magen Solomon, Chair)
    Each year a call for dissertations is announced in the Choral Journal.  Questions may be addressed to Magen Solomon, chair of the competition.  (