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American Choral Directors Association


By joining ACDA now, at the recommendation of a current ACDA member, you can participate in our Colleague Referral Program. Each of you will receive a thank you gift - a thumb drive with a playlist of recordings from the 2015 national conference.

Join ACDA!

Would You Like to Join ACDA and Get Thank You Gifts for Your Colleague and Yourself? 

Join using the special downloadable membership form, or if you join online, email with your name, membership number, name of the colleague referring you, and their membership number. If you have ever been a member in the past (you qualify for the program if your membership has been expired at least 3 years), please be sure you are logged in on this site and renew your membership using your username and password. Forgotten your log-in information, or not sure when you lapsed? Call us during regular business hours or email us anytime to get the information.

Refer a Colleague!

Do You Have a Friend or Colleague You Would Like to Refer for Membership?

Give that person the membership form you can download above (and give them your member ID number), or direct them to this webpage for further information. You can also contact Sundra Flansburg and ask for a free Colleague Referral Kit that contains materials you can pass on to your colleague.