Were You Referred to Us by a Colleague? Welcome!

ACDA's Refer a Friend Program

We're so glad that you're here!

By joining ACDA now (still running) upon the recommendation of an ACDA member, we'll thank both of you. Each of you will receive our ACDA poster and a CD from our collection - all while supplies last.

(If you have ever been a member in the past (you qualify for the program if your membership has been expired at least 3 years), please log-in to our website [top of the page] with your username and password. Forgotten? Call us during regular business hours or email us anytime to get the information.)

Are you an ACDA member and have a friend or colleague you would like to refer for membership? Call (405-232-8161) or email us and ask for your Refer a Friend Kit, which contains postcards and information that you can give your friends to consider.