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We are so delighted that you are a part of ACDA - thank you! 
Renewing Your Membership

If you are an ACDA member, or have been a member sometime in the past 10 years, please log-in to avoid creating a duplicate account.

If you are not currently logged in:
Log-in by going to the top of this page and enter your username and password, then click on login. If you do not remember either of those, please email us or call us at (405) 232-8161.

When you are logged in, you will see the word "Renew" just to the left of the word "Logout" - clicking on "Renew" will take you to a renewal page that you can fill-out and submit. That's it! If you have any problems online, just call or email us and we'll help!

Be sure to log back in and check to see if your contact information is up to date!

How to update your contact information.
You can renew your membership online using the instructions in the box to the left. If you would prefer to send in a check, or a Purchase Order, click here to open and print a downloadable membership form. Checks and POs should be made payable to ACDA, and mailed with the form to ACDA, 545 Couch Drive, Oklahoma City, OK 73102.

Alternately, you can renew your membership by telephone using a credit card. Just call Leane DeFrancis, Membership Coordinator, at (405) 232-8161, ext. 110 (M-F, 7:00 am - 4:00 pm CST).

Please Remember to Verify Your Profile Information

Renewal time is a wonderful moment to check the contact information we have for you and to ensure that it is up to date!

For example, if you lapsed but didn't receive at least three contacts from us reminding you about renewing, we probably don't have your current address.

You can verify and update certain portions of your profile information online, including your address. After logging in, click on "Update Info" in the upper right-hand corner of the webpage. If you have problems, or need to update something not available in your online profile, call (405-232-8161) or email us.

As you renew your membership, we hope you will consider ways to be involved that perhaps you haven't yet tried out. Do you have ideas and energy around what ACDA and choral directors should be doing? Consider reaching out and taking on a leadership role at the state or divisional level.

Don't forget to take a look at our benefits list! Are you taking advantage of all of the benefits that you can? We are adding to this list regularly, so let us know if you have suggestions (and keep an eye out for those new additions coming soon).

Do You Need a Refresher on Benefits?

The "My ACDA" tutorial series is a free weekly glimpse into American Choral Directors Association in bite-sized morsels - each of the emails is designed to look at one area of benefits in a two-minute or under introduction. 
Click here to opt in to the series.

Behind the Scenes

Following are some membership tidbits that may be helpful to you:
  • Your membership year runs by anniversary date. If you joined on March 15, 2013, with a one-year membership, your membership expires on that date in 2014.
  • We send three renewal reminders, starting three months before your expiration date, followed by an additional contact each month until expiration. If you didn't receive a reminder in the mail, please check your account information online (just log-in to do that) or give us a call at (405) 232-8161.
  • Usually, your online username is your first name, underscore, and last name (e.g., Jane_Smith). However, your username could be slightly different - call or email us if you have problems.
  • Most of the time, your online password is your member ID number, unless you have changed it. Again, just let us know if you need that information reset.
  • If you have ideas about ways we could better serve you and our other members, we want to hear from you! Call, write, or email us!

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