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American Choral Directors Association

Complimentary Memberships Program

                           This initiative is now closed. It was open Sept. 15 - Nov. 14, 2014.

We have heard from a number of current members that they first joined ACDA when a professor or a colleague sat them down and told them they should be a member. A number of these same people said that someone sponsored their first-year membership. We hope that you already know people who would make great active ACDA members, but who aren’t yet members! Our Sing Up! Seeding New Memberships program will help you and your state leadership team get some of those people involved with ACDA.

Included in the Sing Up! Membership Kits sent to state presidents are a set of complimentary active membership forms - the official membership forms are ONLY in presidents' kits, not those of the presidents-elect or membership chairs.

Program Requirements
  • The sponsored memberships must go to people who qualify for the active membership category, specifically, people who are a part-time or full-time choral director, or responsible for the administration of a choral program.
  • Because this program works to seed new membership, the people given complimentary one-year memberships must be new members, or members who have not been ACDA members for at least 3 years. A few states have contacted the National Office and  made strategic modifications that allow a slightly wider group, such as new teachers, to use this program. Modifications like this must be made with Sundra Flansburg, director of membership development, no later than September 1, 2014.
  • The complimentary memberships are to be “activated” – we must have completed membership forms in the national ACDA office by November 14, 2014, or postmarked by that day, otherwise they are invalid. Please understand that we can make no exceptions. States may advise recipients that they can fax (405-232-8162) or email scanned copies ( of the signed and completed forms to us by November 14.
  • These memberships do not qualify for the Refer a Friend Campaign, nor will states or divisions receive any financial allocations for them this year – please see this effort as an investment in the future.
Click here to learn how a state could implement the campaign and review online form options.