Sing Up 2015 Membership Campaign

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2015 Sing Up Membership Drive - September 21-November 18

We are busy working on materials and resources to help you. Those will be mailed to state ACDA presidents at the beginning of August. But as you have board meetings, work on your budget, and think about the future, you can begin thinking now about ways to engage and grow your state membership.

Lots of aspects of the upcoming drive will stay the same as last year's drive - the Student Membership Initiative and other programs, the focus on retaining current members and gaining new ones, and the ways we will measure growth.

We also want to work with you if you have ideas on ways to better tailor the membership initiative work to your state. Email or call Sundra Flansburg, Director of Membership Development!

Current Timeline:

  • Finalizing program details. Updating web pages. Creating individual state memberships profiles. Preparing and printing membership kit materials. Updating current state officer lists.
  • States can opt in to the Student Membership Initiative at any point.
  • Though complimentary membership certificates will go out by regular mail in the state president's membership kit only, contact Sundra Flansburg if you have a plan and want to begin issuing complimentary memberships before the drive begins.
  • July 31 - Membership kits dropped in the mail to state and division presidents, presidents-elect, and membership chairs. 
  • August 5 - All web pages and online resources finalized.
  • August 12 - Communications plan finalized.
  • Work with states on their programs and plans.
  • Social media communications begin.
  • September 21 - Sing Up Membership Drive launches.
  • October 6 - First set of state and division results available.
  • November 5 - Second set of official state and division results available.
  • November 18 - Last day of Sing Up Membership Drive.
  • December 4 - Final membership drive results available and shared with states via email and social media.
  • December 11 - Letters to state and division contacts ready and dropped into regular mail.
This annual drive has worked for ACDA over the past two years because so many of our states and state leaders work to make it successful. We are counting on you once again.

Membership development is a year-round effort. Increased membership means we all win - your state, ACDA, and the choral profession. 

Click on any of three tools below to learn more about the special programs now running.

Student Membership Initiative

Colleague Referral Program (will be updated soon)

Complimentary Membership Program (will be updated soon)