Sing Up 2014 Membership Campaign

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Membership Campaign Resources for State Leaders
Sing Up Tool 1 - Student Membership Initiative
Sing Up Tool 2 - Complimentary Memberships

Sing Up Tool 3 - Colleague Referral Program

                          Did a Colleague Refer You to ACDA?

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                           Have You Heard About our Student Initiative?

Visit the initiative webpage, and click here to see if your state is participating.

Membership development is a year-round effort. Increased membership means we all win - your state, ACDA, and the choral profession. Click on any of the campaign components below to learn more about the special programs now running.

ACDA Leaders:
The Sing Up Membership Campaign Begins September 15!

What Stays the Same From Our 2013 Campaign?

  • We will continue to offer the same tools that we offered you last year. All of the programs are optional, and one (the Student Membership Initiative) requires states to formally opt in to the program. The following three incentive programs are available to you: Student Membership Initiative, Complimentary Memberships Program, and the Colleague Referral Program. Click on the logos at the bottom of this page to learn more about the tools.
  • Sundra Flansburg, our director of membership development, will stay in touch with state and division leaders (presidents, presidents-elect, and membership chairs, among others), and would like to hear your great ideas, ways of implementing your drive, and suggestions for improvements.

What Is New?
  • Slightly adjusted campaign dates: we start Monday, September 15, and close at midnight on Friday, November 14, 2014.
  • Membership retention will count. Last year we focused primarily on new and reactivated memberships. This year we will focus on membership totals, so you’ll be rewarded if you add new members, but states that keep a good percentage of your members over the past year will also benefit.
  • We offer a bit more flexibility to states to define who can take advantage of the Complimentary Membership Program and Student Membership Initiative - but state leaders need to contact Sundra Flansburg by September 1 to propose modifications and get them okayed.
  • In response to requests, we are offering another payment option for states opting into the Student Membership Initiative. See the state processing instructions for more information.
Let's sing it up!