To opt in to the Student Membership Initiative, the state president must send an email to with the following items:
  1. Indicate that their state is agreeing to participate in the initiative, implying the state’s agreement to pay $15 of each student’s dues (follow the processing steps outlined in the next bullet item)                        
  2. List their state’s contact person for this initiative with email address, mailing address, and phone number (to receive student applications and checks, as well as be the contact on this for the ACDA national office)
To submit student memberships under the Student Membership Initiative, please follow the process described below:

               PLEASE NOTE

How States Process Student Applications for the Student Membership Initiative:

    1. The state contact receives applications and $5 payments.
As they arrive, the membership form must be reviewed to ensure that it meets state requirements and the information on the form is legible.

   2. The contact deposits all student payments of $5 each – including cash, checks and credit card charges in the state bank account, if it is allowed by the state.

 NO individual cash, checks or credit card charges from students will be accepted or processed by the national office!

   3. The contact “bundles” the applications and mails the packet of forms to the national office (ACDA, Attn: Student Initiative, 545 Couch Dr., Oklahoma City, OK 73102). Bundling means that the state contact gathers forms so they can be processed in the national office as a batch rather than one by one. Depending on the state situation, the contact can mail several batches during the membership campaign. (and following.) We suggest not holding forms more than 2 weeks, since students will be eager to take advantage of their membership.

   4. How to pay the national office. Memberships will not be activated until payment from the state is received. Under no circumstances will the national office be able to accept direct student payments. States must process those payments, depositing them in their state account. This year, in response to state suggestions, we offer two payment options:

A.  Like last year: The state contact prepares one state check made out to ACDA representing the $15 of their state's contribution to this initiative and the $5 the student paid for their dues. The total check equals the number of student applications x $20 ($15 state payment and $5 state received from student)

B. New payment option: In response to state requests, this year the national office will invoice states for the membership total due, if desired. If you select this option, the state contact will receive, review, and bundle the student membership forms, deposit the payments of $5, and mail the membership forms to the national office. When the bundle is received, the national office will count the forms and then send the contact an email with attached invoice for the state for the amount due. The state contact can then forward the invoice to the state treasurer for payment. If this new option is selected, please be aware that memberships will not be processed until the state payment is received. We expect payment of the invoice within 15 days, or forms may be returned to the state contact.


Important: To be counted as members for the purposes of the membership campaign, bundles must be postmarked by November 14, 2014.

Processing questions? Contact Leane DeFrancis at or (405) 232-8161, ext. 110.

Program questions? (to opt in or request a modification for your state) Contact Sundra Flansburg at or (405) 232-8161, ext. 200.