The Student Membership Initiative Continues
  • With a few exceptions by state, only students who are not currently ACDA members may take advantage of this initiative.
  • This is a state sponsored promotion allowing students to pay just $5 for their first year of student membership in ACDA (states pay $15 and national pays $15).
  • In order to take advantage of this offer, students must live in a state that has opted in to the promotion. 
Students: Click here to see if your state has opted in, and who to contact. If your state is participating, complete this membership form, and send it and your $5 check to the contact listed for your state. (If you have any problems with the fillable pdf form, just download this membership form and print it.)

State Representatives: Even if your state opted in last year, please opt-in again. ACDA’s new fiscal year began July 1, and the national office needs to know that you wish to continue your state’s participation. Click here to read how states can opt in, and how to process student memberships.

                                        Student Member Benefits
  • Participation and leadership opportunities with student chapters
  • Online access to Choral Journal, ChorTeach, and the International Journal for Research in Choral Singing
  • Publishing opportunities in publications ranging from Choral Journal to state newsletters and other communications
  • Opportunities to attend state, division, and national ACDA conferences
  • Graduate credit and continuing education units for select national and state conference activities
  • ACDA Career Center - the place for choral jobs
  • By then end of the calendar year: ACDA Mentoring, a program for connecting students and conductors at all levels

Additional Student Membership Information

For up to two years following graduation, former students who have not yet secured a paying choral director position may continue their ACDA student membership.

Student Retention Strategies

Student Chapters. When students participate in a student chapter, it is far more likely they will have a positive membership experience and they will stay in ACDA. A list of institutions with student chapters is available in a link from That page also includes tools for creating new chapters and reactivating former chapters.

Permanent Addresses. One of our most common challenges is losing touch with our students when we only have their temporary address and university-based email. States can encourage students to include a permanent address and personal email whenever possible.

Student-friendly Resources. There is a Facebook group created and run by ACDA student members: ACDA/ChoralNet Student Involvement Initiative. There is also a ChoralNet community entitled ACDA Student Chapters.

Questions? Contact Dr. Amanda Quist, National Youth and Student R&S Chair, at, or Sundra Flansburg, ACDA Membership Development Director at