Repertoire Children's and Community Youth Choir
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HANDOUTS- 2012 Children's & Community Youth Choir Conductor's Retreat (Denver, CO)

Karen Bruno: Repertoire for Training and Intermediate Choirs
Sample 1
Sample 2

Sample 3

Sample 4

Paul Caldwell: Meeting Recruitment Challenges
Margie Camp: Inspiring Your Youngest Singers - Training Choirs
Emily Ellsworth: For the Love of Text
Christy Elsner: Team Building Activities for the Choral Ensemble
Cathy Fink: Exploring American Folksong
Sample 1: O Susanna
Sample 2: The Cuckoo
Sample 3: High on a Mountain
Janet Galvan: Conducting Master Class
Joan Gregoryk: The Great American Folksong
Sample 1: Trampin
Sample 2: High on a Mountain
Sample 3: I'm Gonna Live
Maria Teresa Guillen: Exploring Music of Columbia
Sample 1: Amadores
Sample 2: Por Oriente
Sample 3: Velo Que Bonito
Camile Horne: Encouraging Diversity
Karen Lutgen: Moving Toward Musicality
Debbie Mello: Reading Session, "Gems that Everyone Must Know!"
Nick Page: Dynamic Listening Part 1Part 2Part 3
Marcia Patton: Rehearsal Pacing � Keeping Them Engaged
Josh Pedde: Vocal Warm-ups
Elena Sharkova: Singing with Joy, Beauty and Understanding Part 1Part 2
Tim Sharp: Collaboration
in the Ensemble Arts: Working and Playing Well With Others

ACDA Inaugural Children's and Community Youth Conductor's

University of Cincinnati, College-Conservatory of Music, Cincinnati, Ohio, January 16-17, 2010

In a collaborative spirit, conductors of Children's and Community Youth Choirs joined colleagues from across the United States for a weekend of networking, problem solving, mentoring, and sharing of artistry in the first ACDA
Children's and Community Youth Conductor's Retreat. The American Choral Directors Association is proud to present the following handouts compiled during the retreat.

Broeker - Community Building in the Choral Rehearsal
Broeker Video Number One - click here
Broeker Video Welcome Game - click here
Broeker Video Welcome to the First - click here
Broeker Video Name Games - click here
Dwyer - Harmony in Sequence (Introducing Repertoire to Inexperienced Readers)
Ellsworth - Taking a Fresh Look at Auditions...Placement Hearings...Ensemble Placement...for Children's and Youth Choirs
Ellsworth Resound article December 2009 - Where Imagination and Reality Meet
Mathias Sightsinging- The Right to Read
Westgate and Potter - Making Music With Your Youngest Singers

CCCR Critical Issues (Chorus America)
CCCR Recruitment (Chorus America)
The Impact of Choral Singing on Children & Youth - Chorus America Impact Study (powerpoint)

Gems: Newer Repertoire EVERYONE Must Know!
War Horses: Classical Repertoire EVERYONE Must Know
Elsner - War Horses Database