The ACDA Student Conducting Awards were initiated during the 1993 ACDA National Conference in San Antonio, Texas, and have been presented at each subsequent national event. Initially funded by ACDA’s Endowment Trust, the student conducing competition is now full supported by the generosity of Manhattan Concert Productions.

The objectives of the ACDA Student Conducting Awards are three-fold

1. To acknowledge and reward outstanding graduate and undergraduate student conductors;
2. To encourage score preparation and advancement of conducting and rehearsal skills; and
3. To promote student activity at the ACDA National Conference.

These cash prizes are awarded to the winners of the final round of the conducting awards:

First Prize, Graduate Level: $1000
Second Prize, Graduate Level: $500
First Prize, Undergraduate Level: $500
Second Prize, Undergraduate Level: $250

In addition, the sixteen semi-finalists (up to eight undergraduate and eight graduate) each receive a $200 stipend toward the registration cost for the National Conference.

Applicants must meet the following criteria:

1. Hold valid ACDA student membership.
2. Be a full-time undergraduate student (junior or senior status) or a full-time graduate student at a college or university in the United States at the time of application.
3. Submit a complete application portfolio.

Submissions for the Student Conduction Competition must be uploaded to YouTube (  It is the responsibility of the applicant to provide the selection committee with the correct URL for accessing the video.  Applicants whose videos are not accessible to the committee will be disqualified.

Past Winners

2013 National Conference
Graduate Level
   First Place: Glen Thomas Rideout (University of Michigan)
   Second Place:
Undergraduate Level
   First Place: Paige Armstrong (Luther College)
   Second Place:

2011 National Conference
Graduate Level
   First Place: Philip Moody (University of Arizona)
   Second Place: Kristina Caswell-MacMullen (Texas Tech University)
Undergraduate Level
   First Place: Kenneth C. Sieloff (University of Michigan)
   Second Place: Danielle Kinderman (University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point)

2009 National Conference
Graduate Level
   First Place: Beverly Shangkuan
   Second Place: Glen Thomas
Undergraduate Level
First Place: Gregory McDaniel
   Second Place: Jon Riss

2007 National Conference
Graduate Level                                 
   First Place: Sooyeon Lee                                   
   Second Place: John Trotter                                     
Undergraduate Level
First Place: Jason Holmes
   Second Place: Rebecca Cole

2005 National Conference
Graduate Level                                   
   First Place: Lee Nelson                                       
   Second Place: Kimberly Dunn                                 
Undergraduate Level
First Place: Shelby Sievers
   Second Place: Jill Davis 

2003 National Conference
Graduate Level                                   
   First Place: James Miller                                        
   Second Place: Britt Cooper                                      
Undergraduate Level
   First Place: Christopher Lee
   Second Place: Kristy Cawthon

2001 National Conference
Graduate Level                                    
   First Place: Daniel Bara                                         
   Second Place: David Gardner                                    
Undergraduate Level
First Place: Carrie Kirby
   Second Place: Korey Jackson 

1999 National Conference
Graduate Level                                     
   First Place: Catherine Sailer                                   
   Second Place: Eduardo Garcia-Novelli                        
Undergraduate Level
First Place: Alissa Mercurio
   Second Place: James Rimington 

1997 National Conference
Graduate Level                                     
   First Place: Allen Hightower                                   
   Second Place: Brad Wells                                          
Undergraduate Level
First Place: Jason Paulk
   Second Place: Kristofer Johnson 

1995 National Conference
Graduate Level                                      
   First Place: Jin Kim                                                 
   Second Place: Maritza Caceres-Larrondo                    
Undergraduate Level 
   First Place: Eugene C. Rogers, Jr.
   Second Place: Daniel Hughes

1993 National Conference
Graduate Level                                        
   First Place: Thomas Lloyd                                       
   Second Place: Shaun Amos                                        
Undergraduate Level
First Place: Christine A. Rees
   Second Place: Scott Crandal