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Finding Aids

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This is a list of all of the collections housed in the ACDA International Archives for Choral Music. Click on the collection that interests you. Most collections are arranged alphabetically by topic. Using this list, you will gain a sense of the materials held in each collection. The box number is also given as part of the information. Once you have found something that interests you, simply request the item by giving the archivist the collection name, box name, and topic name.

EX: Harold Decker Papers

Box 1: Series 1: Early Education

Request Box 1, series 1 from the Harold Decker Papers. You'll receive the folders containing everything from his early education.

If you are in the Oklahoma City area or would like to visit the archives and use it in person, please call 405-232-8161 or email Associate Director, Craig Gregory, to set up an appointment.

Finding Aids

ACDA Endowent Collection (restricted access)
ACDA Financial Collection (restricted access)
Charles C. Hirt Papers
Colleen Kirk Papers
Division Collection
Elaine Brown Collection
Elwood Keister Papers
F. Melius Christiansen Papers
Ferenc Farkas Papers
Fred Waring Papers
Harold Decker Papers
James Berry Papers
Morris D. Hayes Papers
National Conference Collection
Russell Mathis Papers
Stanley Glarum Papers and Recordings
Walter Collins Papers