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Whether you are a conductor, administrator, student, or fan - or even retired - we have a membership option that will work for you. A brief description of each member category is provided below. Please be aware that different categories have different benefits - click here to review benefits for each category.

For Individuals

Active ($95) - This is the correct category for the vast majority of our members. You are an active member if you have a paid part-time or full-time choral position, or are responsible for the administration of a choral program. (Active members in Minnesota should add $15 for state chapter dues; members in Iowa should add $3 for state dues.)

Retired ($45) - If you are a member who has attained retirement status, we encourage you to maintain your membership in ACDA in this category. This category, with a reduced dues while keeping most Active member benefits, is a courtesy for former Active members who have retired from all paid choral position, full-time or part-time. (Retired members in Minnesota should add $15 for state chapter dues.)

Student ($35) - You may select Student membership if you are a high school or college/university student and do not have a paid full-time or part-time choral position. If you have any paid choral position, you should choose Active membership. Please understand that the lower dues we have established for students is our entire membership's investment in the next generation of choral professionals, and is not designed for someone who is taking classes while continuing to earn a part-time or full-time living from their choral work.

You may also use the Student category upon leaving school for up to two years, until you are able to secure a paid position, either part-time or full-time. We trust our members to act in accordance with the spirit of this gesture, understanding that it is a temporary way for individuals to be a part of the ACDA community until they begin to earn income that will allow them to be a full member. Student members do receive online access to the Choral Journal.

Associate ($45) - If you are not currently an active choral conductor but you are interested in choral music and directing, this is your category for membership. Please be aware that this category is basically an online membership. Associate members receive an online Choral Journal, and are not eligible to sponsor students for Honor Choirs or attend conferences. (Associate members in Minnesota should add $15 for state chapter dues.)

International ($45) - Members and potential members living outside the United States and Canada should use the international member category. Please note that the reduced price reflects that the Choral Journal will only be available to international members in its online form.

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For Institutions or Businesses

Institution - $110 This category is for ensembles or school/church music departments.

  • Discount on advertising that promotes the institution and its programs
  • Option to register two people from the institution at national and division conferences
  • Print Choral Journal

Industry - $135 This category is for music-related businesses.

  • Discounts on advertising
  • Ability to exhibit at national conferences
  • Access to ACDA conference attendee lists
  • Licensing for phrase "Proud sponsor of ACDA"
  • Print Choral Journal

For library subscriptions, please contact Leane DeFrancis (Tel: 405-232-8161) for information, including pricing.

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