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Music in Worship Guidelines

Guidelines for Division Chairs (PDF)
Guidelines for State Chairs (PDF)


Past Convention Sessions Handouts: 

Humanity is Indivisible: An Interfaith Journey - 2009 National Convention Music In Worship program (PDF)

Bless the Lord, My Soul: A Choral Affirmation of Faith - 1999 National Convention Music In Worship program (PDF)

Biblical Principles for Worship-Style Choice by Hanan Yaqub - 2005 National Convention Roundtable handout (PDF)

Thirty Centuries of Music in Worship: Finding Encouragement for Today and Hope for Tomorrow by Bruce Leafblad - 2003 National Convention Roundtable handout (PDF)

Authentic Worship & Faithful Music Making by Harold M. Best - 1999 National Convention presentation


Other Resources

2009 National Conference Music in Worship Roundtable Discussion Report (PDF)

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Music_in_Worship_Must_Have_Repertoire_since_2000.pdf99.91 KB
Music_in_Worship_Must_Have_Repertoire_since_2000.pdf99.91 KB
Music_in_Worship_Must_Have_Repertoire_to_1999.pdf90.39 KB
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