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American Choral Directors Association


(formerly the Outstanding Newsletter Award)

Originally developed to acknowledge exceptional ACDA state newsletter publications, the award was changed in 2014 to evaluate and constructively critique ACDA state websites. The award process strives to recognize the excellent work of states in their individual ACDA websites, and to promote the continual betterment of such publications to the benefit of state memberships. These awards will be in the form of a plaque, to be presented every other year at the ACDA National Conference.


The following guidelines have been approved by the National Board.

1. The Outstanding State Website Award (formerly Outstanding State Newsletter Award) will be administered by the Coordinator of State and Division Newsletters.

2. Two awards will be presented:  one to a state website with a professional designer; another to a state website with a non-professional designer.

3. State ACDA website entries in the contest will be judged by a panel made up of the division newsletter editors.

4. To insure objectivity, editors will not judge websites within their own divisions

5. Competing state website editors/webmasters will receive a confidential critique of their website from each judge.

All ACDA state webmaster/newsletter editors are invited to participate in the friendly “competition.”  Critiques by division editors will begin November 20 in the year preceding the national conference.  The deadline for submitting application forms to the Coordinator of State and Division Newsletters is November 15.  Contact the Coordinator for the Application Form.  
Timetable: Winners will be announced at the biennial National Conference.

All questions concerning any aspects of the procedure should be referred to the Coordinator of State and Division Newsletters.


2015  WINNER PENDING (website with pro designer)
          WINNER PENDING (website with non-pro designer)

2013  Nebraska Short Notes (print pub., small budget; Stacie Blackmore, editor)
          North Carolina Caroler  (print pub., medium budget; Nathan Leaf, editor)
          California Cantate  (print pub., large budget; David Scholz, editor)
          Kansas Choral Range  (print pub with pro designer; Brad Vogel, editor)
          Iowa Sounding Board (website with pro designer; Jill Wilson, editor)
          Massachusetts (website with non-pro designer)
          California (hybrid website with pro designer)

2011  Nebraska Short Notes (print pub., small budget; Stacie Blackmore, editor)
          California Cantate  (print pub., medium budget; Douglas Lynn, editor)
          Minnesota Star of the North (print pub., large budget; Mark Poyvin, editor)
          California Cantate  (print pub. with pro. designer; Douglas Lynn, editor))
          California (website)

2009:  Virginia Harmony (small budget; Jerry Myers. editor)
           Kansas Choral Range (medium budget; Brad Vogel, editor)
           Minnesota's Star of the North (large budget; Mark Potvin, editor)
           California Cantate (best layout &; Douglas Lynn, ed.)
           Texas Sings! (best layout & pro design; Dan Wood, editor)
           North Carolina Carolina Caroler (most improved, Anne M. Saxon, editor)
           Iowa Sounding Board (most creative use of photo, Ryan Beeken, editor)

2007:  Oregon Choral Focus (small state newsletter, Julie Adkins, editor)
           Minnesota's Star of the North (large state newsletter; Kari Douma, editor)

2005:  Minnesota Star of the North (Ryan Connolly, editor)

2003:  Oregon Choral Focus (Julie Adkins, editor)

2001:  Indiana Notations (large state newsletter; Robert Nance, editor)
           Oregon Choral Focus (small state shared award, Julie Adkins, editor)
           Kansas Choral Range (small state shared award, T.Wine and M.Sexton, editors)


1997:  The Student Times (honorable mention; Scott W. Dorsey, editor)

1995:  Texas Sings!  (Dan Wood, editor)
           New York Choral Cues (Don Lang and Kraig Pritts, co-editors)

1993:  Illinois Conductor's Podium (Lynn Drafall and Diane Hires co-editors)

1991:  New York Choral Cues (Richard Kegerreis, editor)