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American Choral Directors Association


(NOTE: Hand-outs have been provided only for those sessions listed below. For other materials, contact interest session clinicians directly.)

COMPLETE LIST of interest sessions

For additional information access the ACDA 2015 National Conference App.

Bel Canto Choral Transformation (Fagnan) HAND-OUT

Brain-Friendly Strategies for Singer-Friendly Rehearsals (Archibeque & Glaze) HAND-OUT 1HAND-OUT 2

Building a Beautiful Sound with Tenors (Sieck) HAND-OUT

Building Community in the Choral Ensemble (Ebert & Paffenroth) HAND-OUT

Coordinating Vocal Colors in Women's Choruses (Silvey) HAND-OUT

Creating Safe Space (Caldwell) HAND-OUT 1HAND-OUT 2

Fifteen+ Pieces for Small Church Choirs (Petzet) HAND-OUT

Innovative Warm-Ups for the Volunteer Choir: Creative Concepts to Improve Choral Sound (Kemp) HAND-OUT

Looking Over Handel's Shoulder at Messiah (Rilling) HAND-OUT

Music of Michael McGlynn and Anuna (McGlynn) HAND-OUT

New Development in and Opportunities for Dynamic State ACDA Websites (Driscoll & Hale) HAND-OUT 1HAND-OUT 2

No Strings Attached: Alternative, Affordable, and Accessible Masterworks from Outside the Canon (Davis) HAND-OUT

Perfect Repertoire for the Not-So-Perfect Choir (Solya) HAND-OUT

Problems and Possibilities in Choral Method Courses (Bowers, Demorest, Dilworth, and Freer) HAND-OUT

Psalms: Back to the Sources (Jacobson) HAND-OUT

Recipe for the Development of Expressive Conducting Technique: Harmonic Rhythm Add Laban and Bodymapping (Jordan) HAND-OUT

Reclaiming the Ancient Hymnal: The Art, Devotion, and Practice of Psalm Singing (Helvey) HAND-OUT

Revolutionary Approach to Teaching Music Theory (Parker) HAND-OUT

Senses Collide: Connecting Artful Movement and Dynamic Formation in Performance (Bjella & MacMullen) HAND-OUT

Sing Gypsy Music: Repertoire of Gypsy Choirs in Ukraine and Russia (Buettner) HAND-OUT

SmartMusic Can Do That? Maximizing Rehearsal Time with SmartMusic (Gonzales) HAND-OUT

Soli Deo Gloria: Bach Cantatas in Today's Worship (Monroe) HAND-OUT

Three Methods of Teaching Plus ONE (Noble) HAND-OUT 1HAND-OUT 2

Untangling the Conceptual Knot of Vocal Registration in Children and Youth Choirs (Denison) HAND-OUT

VOCES8 Method: A Musical Wake-Up for Voice, Body, and Mind (Smith) HAND-OUT

Writing for an ACDA Publication (Bumgarner) HAND-OUT

XX-Files: Great Literature by Women Composers (Rubenstein & Solomon) HAND-OUT