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American Choral Directors Association

Tim Sharp's Shared Documents

Mentoring (PowerPoint presentation)

Choral Relevancy in the 21st Century (PowerPoint presentation)

The Conductor and the Ensemble (PowerPoint presentation)

Teaching Your Choir to Watch (PowerPoint presentation)

Teaching Your Choir to Listen (PowerPoint presentation)

Teaching Your Choir to Think Chorally (PowerPoint presentation)

Benjamin Zander (TED) On Music (YouTube video)

Tim's PowerPoint Prayer (PDF)

Tim Sharp Biography

Tim Sharp Conducting Picture (JPG)

Tulsa Oratorio Chorus Concert Review/TulsaWorld/November 9, 2009 Mendelssohn's "St Paul"

Tulsa Oratorio Chorus Concert Review/TulsaWorld/December 7, 2010 Ralph Vaughan Williams "Hodie"

Tulsa Oratorio Chorusc Concert Review/TulsaWorld/March 7, 2011 Rachmaninoff "All Night Vigil"

Chor Anno Presents "Come Away to the Skies: A High Lonesome Mass"

Thinking about the "adjacent possible" on ChoralNet blog. Where innovation comes from

The Conductor and Ensemble (PowerPoint presentation)

GMEA III (PowerPoint presentation)

GMEA II (PowerPoint presentation)

GMEA Choral Conductor as Artist in Residence (PowerPoint presentation)

Arkansas ACDA (PowerPoint presentation)

Finding a Word in Today's Many Voices--Presentation to Region VII AGO, June 13, 2011

Tulsa World story on Tulsa Oratorio Chorus in Festival of the Aegean

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The Conductor and Ensemble.ppt652.5 KB
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