American Choral Directors Association


The Robert Shaw Choral Award will be given to a choral leader who has made unusual contributions to the art of choral music. The recipient shall be chosen by the ACDA Past President’s Council.  The Robert Shaw Choral Award will be presented during each National Conference.

The following criteria for selection were approved by the Past President’s Council in November, 1990.

1. The recipient should be a member of ACDA (though there may be exceptions).
                               2. The recipient should be someone whose primary career is/was in the United States.
                           3. The recipient has made a significant contribution to the cause of the choral art in America.
                   4. Such contributions made may have been through teaching, conducting, or leadership.

Nomination deadline

Nominations for the 2017 Robert Shaw Choral Award will close on December 1, 2016.


2015  Royce Saltzman
2013 Alice Parker
2011 Ann Howard Jones
2009 Gene Brooks (presented posthumously) *+
2007 Dale Warland
2005 Paul Salamunovich *+
2003 Warner Imig *+
2001 Colleen J. Kirk *+
1999 Weston Noble
1997 Harold A. Decker *+
1995 Howard Swan *+
1993 Roger Wagner (presented posthumously) *+
1991 Charles C. Hirt *+
(* Deceased)
(+ Wall of Honor Recipient)