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Repertoire Two-Year College Repertoire Lists

Repertoire List

Choral repertoire for two year colleges is chosen not only on the basis of quality, but also on the potential for that repertoire to be:  a) supportive of the potential of each choral singer to transfer to a four-year institution; b) challenging in some respect (aesthetically, technically, etc.) to promote growth in the singer and choir in a manner consistent with expectations for a four-year program; c) responsive to the diverse technical, aesthetic, and practical needs of non-music majors or community members involved in the two-year college program; d) strong in its ability to be valuable teaching pieces for the intellectual and emotional growth of a singer as a budding member of the wider choral community; and e) effective in reflecting the social milieu and needs for which a two-year program is frequently expected to be responsive.

Acknowledging Diversity in Two-Year Choral Programs.   The repertoire and standards committee also recognizes the need for flexibility in programming quality choral music in the two-year college, and acknowledges that the diversity of programs in our institutions also may imply that works from the advanced high school repertoire may be frequently the most appropriate selection for some programs; for other choral programs and specific ensembles, the consistent choice of selections from the standard repertoire Four-Year Colleges and University repertoire may be most appropriate.  The frequent existence of "blended ensembles" in two-year colleges (such as the combination of an undergraduate choral ensemble and a college's community choir) is also acknowledged by the committee as often desirable and sometimes essential to the functioning of a two-year choral program; repertoire for such ensembles should reflect the skill level and potential of such an ensemble, and may benefit from considering repertory choices not specific to this R&S area.      

These situations notwithstanding, the Two-Year R&S committee defines and limits itself to the choice and recommendation of quality works in this area which are determined as works which should specifically characterize the choral music performed ensembles of freshman and sophomore-year college students.   In theory, such works must in themselves encourage healthful, musical, intelligent, and beautiful choral singing in well-guided two-year college choral programs.

Repertoire Lists

Two-Year College Standard Repertoire List (PDF)
Two-Year College Chamber Repertoire List (PDF)
Two-Year College Extended Works Repertoire List (PDF)

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