Resources for ACDA Membership Chairs

North Carolina ACDA Membership Chair Ginger Wyrick, welcomes membership chairs to a new year.

This page gathers together many of the resources ACDA has for membership chairs, from membership tips to tutorials on using state chapter membership dashboards. Are you looking for something you don't see here? Do you have ideas and suggestions on membership to share? Let us know! We want continue to improve these resources and involve more chairs as we do it. Contact: Sundra Flansburg, ACDA director of membership & communications.

Membership Work Basics

Tutorials and Tips for Membership Chairs

Many thanks to Missouri ACDA Membership Chair, Kathleen Bhat, for preparing these tutorial videos.

Working with ACDA's database platform:
  • Does a member need to change their member category (e.g., from Student to Active)? They (or you) need to contact the national office. It can't be changed by the member.
  • Does a member need to update the email address used for their log-in on this website? They (or you) need to contact the national office to request that.
  • When a member moves to a different state and updates their contact information, they need to contact the national office to request that their chapter and region be updated.

Connecting with Other Membership Chairs

  • Do you use Facebook? Request to join the group "ACDA Membership Chairs."
  • Experiment: Missouri ACDA Membership Chair Kathleen Bhat wants to try something new! Interested in monthly Google Hangout meetings? Everyone responds within a 24-hour period and further conversations can continue as needed. It would be a way to check in with each other, trade tips and tricks, and share the joy/burden that is membership! Contact Kathy to learn more and sign up.

ACDA Promotional Videos

State chapters are welcome to utilize the videos in appropriate ways, in connection with ACDA membership work.