Manhattan Concert Productions Presents:

Undergraduate Student Conducting Masterclass Application Guidelines

Auditions for the undergraduate masterclass open the fall prior to the biennial ACDA national conference. Information about the next competition will be posted in fall 2020 for the 2021 national conference.

Congratulations to the s
tudents selected for the 2019 masterclass:

  • Caitlin Gloria Borke (Western Michigan University, primary instr. Kimberly Dunn Adams)
  • Juliana Child (Ithaca College, primary instr. Janet Galván)
  • Lamar Davis (Wingate University, primary instr. Nana Wolfe-Hill)
  • Elizabeth Fischer (Luther College, primary instr. Jennaya Robinson)
  • Luke Hartley (Pacific Lutheran University, primary instr. Richard Nance)
  • Aaron Musser (St. Olaf College, primary instr. Anton Armstrong)
  • Madeleine Parkes (Ithaca College, primary instr. Janet GalvGalván)n & Sean Linfors)
  • Maura Tuffy (University of Southern California, primary instr. Jo-Michael Scheibe)

1. General Overview and Application Checklist

The ACDA Undergraduate Conducting Masterclass was initiated at the 2017 National Conference. The objectives of the masterclass are three-fold:

  1. To acknowledge and reward outstanding undergraduate student conductors
  2. To encourage score preparation and advancement of both conducting and rehearsal skills
  3. To promote student activity at the ACDA National Conference

Eight undergraduate conductors will be selected through blind auditions to participate in a series of masterclasses at the National Conference. Each will receive a complimentary registration to attend the National Conference.

The application for the 2019 competition is closed. 


- You must have a current ACDA Student Membership and be logged in to access the application. If you have an Active membership, please contact the National Office during regular business hours (Central) for help accessing the application.
- Please follow the directions regarding the portion of the YouTube URL to use in submitting your audition on the application.
- You MUST click on the Proceed button at the bottom of the application to submit your application online.

The deadline for submission of all application components was Oct. 31, 2018, at 4:00 p.m. Central.


Application Checklist
  • I have two selections of contrasting style and tempi. See Audition Preparation Guidelines : Musical Parameters
  • I am conducting a choral ensemble that is prepared on the music, but which I, myself, have not prepared ahead of time. See Audition Preparation Guidelines : Ensemble Preparation
  • I can see my full self, frontal view, in the video. See Audition Preparation Guidelines : Camera Angle
  • I can clearly hear all of my verbal instructions to the choir. See Audition Preparation Guidelines : Camera Angle
  • The sound of the choir is neither too loud nor too soft to be heard. See Audition Preparation Guidelines : Camera Angle
  • I have clearly announced each selection before rehearsing it. See Audition Preparation Guidelines : Camera Angle
  • My video's length is between 10 and 12 minutes, with the time equally divided between both rehearsal selections, and is not edited in any way. See Audition Preparation Guidelines : Audition Format and Duration
  • I have not identified myself in the video, nor does my name appear in the video title, nor YouTube channel to which I have uploaded it. See Audition Preparation Guidelines : Audition Submission
  • I have filled out my application, and have checked my YouTube video's URL for accuracy. Please note: Do not paste the entire link - just copy and paste the text & numbers that appear after the final forward slash (after - For example, just paste vJwEQSOBc7E into the application platform. See Eligibility Requirements
  • I have set my YouTube video to "public" or "unlisted," not "private." See Audition Preparation Guidelines : Audition Submission
  • I have received verification from two non-student Active ACDA members certifying that I have complied with the written guidelines of the competition. See Audition Preparation Guidelines : Verification
  • I have submitted my application form and video URL by the deadline (4:00 p.m. Central on October 31, 2018).
Once you have completed ALL of the above, your application is complete.

Deadline: The completed application materials, verifications, all supporting documentation, and video uploaded to YouTube must be completed no later than 4:00 p.m. Central on Wednesday, October 31, 2018. All application materials become the property of the American Choral Directors Association.

Note: An incomplete or erroneous application will disqualify the applicant.

Please be certain to review all five sections (four pages) associated with this competition in order to gain a full understanding of the process:

2. Eligibility Requirements
3. Audition Preparation Guidelines
4. Audition Review Process & 5. Conference Session