Wall of Honor

Established by the American Choral Directors Association in 2005, the Wall of Honor premiered during the 2005 ACDA National Conference as a large display at the entrance to the main exhibit hall in the Los Angeles Convention Center.

The Wall of Honor celebrates those members of the American Choral Directors Association who have shared their knowledge, skill, and love of the choral art with the world.

Meet the famed conductors and choral leaders immortalized on ACDA's Wall of Honor
Alphabetical Listing. This video was produced in 2015. In 2017, the following people were inducted: Kenneth Jennings, Helen Kemp, Robert Page, Stephen Paulus, Raymond E. Robinson, Sir David Wilcocks, and Stephen Zegree.

Guidelines for admission to the Wall of Honor

  1. Candidate must be deceased.
  2. Candidates, with rare exceptions, must have been members of ACDA.
  3. Candidate must have been distinguished in one or more of the following categories:
    • Distinguished conductor
    • Distinguished choral scholar
    • Nationally and/or internationally renowned for work in choral music
    • Distinguished choral educator
    • Distinguished composer of choral music
  4. To be included, their photograph, with inscription, must be displayed in the standard display form in the ACDA Hall of Fame Museum.
  5. The inscription should be no longer than 15 lines (75 words).  Brevity is essential.
Expenses incurred for display will be covered by the national ACDA.

Members of the selection committee will be members of the Past President’s council (with the Chair of the Council providing leadership). The committee should include no more than four members.