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ACDA Elections

The national office is available to assist state chapters and regions with officer elections, as well as votes (e.g., bylaw revisions). All elections and voting are conducted electronically. Please view the information sheet and contact Sundra Flansburg with any questions or for assistance with your election or vote.

Leadership Conference

Leadership Conferences are held for national, regional, and state leaders every two years, in years when a national conference is not being held. The goal is to provide training for leadership, promote the next year's conference site, and share news about upcoming directions and activities. The 2020 Leadership Conference is planned for June 3-5 in Dallas, TX. Dates will be finalized by January 2020 and leaders will receive more information.

Annual Membership Drive

Since 2013, ACDA has held a fall membership drive, implemented mainly through state leadership. The national office provides information and tools to the state president and membership chair, and is there to support and assist you. The 2019 membership drive is scheduled September 15 through November 15. Click here to learn more.


We suggest preparing the report contents in Word and then copying and pasting into any online forms - you have a copy (and back-up, if needed).
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ACDA Statements

ACDA Advocacy Statement
Whereas the human spirit is elevated to a broader understanding of itself through study and performance in the aesthetic arts; and Whereas serious cutbacks in funding and support have steadily eroded state institutions and their programs throughout the country; Be it resolved that all citizens of the United States of America actively voice affirmative and collective support for necessary funding at the local, state, and national levels of education and government to ensure the survival of arts programs for this and future generations.

ACDA Statement on Sacred Music in Public Schools
Care should be taken in the performance of music associated with any religious or cultural tradition that it not be construed as a religious service or religious celebration. Whenever possible, a multiplicity of cultural traditions should be included in musical programming.


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