ACDA Leadership

American Choral Directors Association is governed by an Executive Committee (EC) made up of officers elected by national vote, as well as a National Board made up of EC officers, an elected chair (Choral Repertoire and Resources), and appointed representative (Industry Representative), and elected regional presidents. Its governing documents include Constitution and Bylaws, which can be modified by a vote of the members.

Executive Committee (2019-2021)

Lynne Gackle, President
André Thomas, Vice President
David Fryling, President-elect
Tom Shelton, Past President
Tom Merrill, Treasurer/Secretary 
Mary Hopper, Chair, Past Presidents Advisory Council

Ex Officio: Tim Sharp, Executive Director

National Board (2019-2020)

In addition to Executive Committee members:

Karyl Carlson, Central Division President
Peggy Dettwiler, Eastern Division President
Rhonda Fuelberth, North Central President
Brian Galante, Northwestern Division President
Vincent Oakes, Southern Division President
Julie Yu-Oppenheim, Southwestern Division President
Kimberly Barclay Ritzer, Western Division President
Amy Blosser, National Chair for the Committee on Repertoire and Standards
Kathy Fernandes, Industry Representative

National Standing Committees (2019-20)

ACDA has seven national standing committees:

Advocacy and Collaboration
Robyn LanaLynn Brinckmeyer, Co-chairs
Members: Karen Bruno, Emmy Williams Burch, Joe Cerutti, and Anthony Trecek-King

Choral Repertoire and Resources
Amy Johnston Blosser, Chair
Youth Choirs Coordinator: Gretchen Harrison
    Children's and Community Youth Chair: Joy Hirokawa
    Junior High/Middle School Choirs Chair: Nathan Dame
    Senior High School Choirs Chair: Damion Womack
    Boychoir Chair: Craig Denison
Collegiate Choirs Coordinator: Amanda Quist
    College & University Choirs Chair: Jason Paulk
    Student Activities Chair: David Edmonds
Lifelong Choirs Coordinator: Terre Johnson
    Community Choirs Chair: Kevin McBeth
    Music in Worship Chair: Bryan Black
Repertoire Specific Coordinator: Amy Johnston Blosser
    Contemporary/Commercial Chair: Mike Weaver
    Ethnic Music Chair: Jeffery Ames
    Men's Choirs Chair: Dustin Cates
    Vocal Jazz Chair: Gregory Amerind
    Women's Choirs Chair: Phillip Swan

Composition Initiatives
Dominick DiOrio, Chair
Members: Brandon Boyd, Andy Crane, Susan LaBarr, and Nancy Menk

Diversity Initiatives
Eugene Rogers & Penelope Cruz, Co-chairs
Members: Angela Broeker, Gennevieve Brown-Kibble, and André de Quadros

Education and Communication
Jamila McWhirter, Chair
Members: Karen Kenaston-French, John T. McDonald, and Robert Sinclair

International Activities
T. J. Harper, Chair
Members: Joshua Habermann, Jeremy Jones, Wendy Moy, and John Warren

Research and Publications
John Silantien, Chair
Members: Steven Demorest, Patrick Freer, Alan Gumm, and Carmen-Helena Tellez

Downloadable organization chart for ACDA national leadership.