Leadership Directory

ACDA National Office Staff
Past Presidents

Standing Committees

Advocacy and Collaboration - Robyn Lana, Chair
Members: Karen Bruno, Emmy Williams Burch, Joe Cerutti & Anthony Trecek-King

Composition Initiatives - Dominick DiOrio, Chair
Members: Andy Crane, Susan LaBarr & Nancy Menk

Diversity Initiatives - Eugene Rogers, Chair
Members: Jeffery Ames, Angela Broeker, Penelope Cruz & Andre de Quadros

Education and Communication - Lisa Billingham, Chair
Members: Lynn Brinckmeyer, Gennevieve Brown-Kibble & Jamila McWhirter

International Activities - T. J. Harper, Chair
Members: Joshua Habermann, Jeremy Jones & John Warren

Research and Publications - John Silantien, Chair
Members: Steven Demorest, Patrick Freer, Alan Gumm & Carmen-Helena Tellez

Repertoire and Resources - Amy Blosser, Chair

Executive Committee (2017-2019)

Tom Shelton, President

Lynne Gackle, President-elect

Tom Merrill, Treasurer

Mary Hopper, Vice-President

Karen Fulmer, Chair, Past President's Advisory Council

Ex Officio:

Tim Sharp, Executive Director

National Board of Directors (2017-2018)

In addition to Executive Committee members:

Amy Blosser, National Chair for the Committee on Repertoire and Standards (amy.blosser@bexleyschools.org)
Mary Kay Geston, North Central President (mkgeston@gmail.com)
Travis Rogers, Western Division President (trogers777@comcast.net)
Paul Head, Eastern Division President (pdhead@udel.edu)
Tony Gonzalez, Southwestern Division President (tonytoni92@gmail.com)
Nicole Lamartine, Northwestern Division President (choir@uwyo.edu)
Gary Packwood, Southern Division President (garypackwood@me.com)
Mark Munson, Central Division President (munson@bgsu.edu)
Kathy Fernandes, Industry Representative (kfernand@jwpepper.com)

National Repertoire & Resources (2017-18)

This seventeen-person committee is listed here .