Upcoming Events

Join us for our 2020 Regional Conferences!

Central and North Central Region
Milwaukee, WI
March 4-7

Eastern Region
Rochester, NY
March 4-7

Southwestern Region
Little Rock, AR
March 4-7

Western Region
Salt Lake City, UT
March 4-7

Northwestern Region
Spokane, WA
March 11-14

Southern Region
Mobile, AL
March 11-14

Exhibits & Advertising Information will be available soon.

Why Should I Attend Conferences?

ACDA Events are a great place to meet and interact with colleagues, as well as get inspired by world-class performances! Professionals from all over the globe come together to provide an atmosphere replete with diverse resources, concerts, and sessions to inspire and grow your career as a choral director. 

Save the Date

2021 ACDA National Conference
March 17-20
Dallas, TX

2020 Symposium for Research in Choral Singing

Georgia State University
Atlanta, GA
May 1-2