Complimentary Membership Program

This initiative is open only Sept. 15 - Nov. 15, 2018

Each state is receiving 10 complimentary Active memberships to award. State leaders decide who are the best people to give them to, meeting the criteria that they will be new to ACDA or their membership has been expired at least 3 years, and they otherwise meet the requirements for Active membership.

If your state has additional people who qualify and a plan for special outreach and retention efforts for them, contact Sundra Flansburg (Director of Membership & Communications, at or (405) 232-8161, ext. 200) about the possibility of authorizing additional comp memberships.

These memberships are designed to bring in new members for a trial year, with the hope and expectation that they will experience first-hand the benefits of ACDA membership and renew on their own next year.

Considerations for states

  • Awardees should qualify for Active membership.
  • Your state needs a Retention Plan. Only about 20% of complimentary memberships are renewed the following year. We can improve that by making a special effort with these members!
  • No refunds can be given to people who have already joined as a regular ACDA member, but later receive a complimentary certificate. Check with the national office if you would like to make sure that the people you are considering are not already members.
  • Complimentary memberships must be activated, or postmarked, by November 15, 2018.

Implementing the program

  • There are special membership forms to use for this program. State presidents must authorize/sign the form, and provide to selected new members. New members will need to complete the paper form and mail it to the ACDA national office using the address on the form, or email it to Complimentary membership forms: downloadable PDF form (Word version).
  • You can keep track of who has activated their complimentary membership by regularly visiting this page and the list below. This list is updated daily.
  • Once a new membership is processed, the ACDA national office will send the members a new member packet, as well as begin their subscription to Choral Journal. We strongly encourage states to proactively engage these members and check in with them throughout the year.
Questions? Contact Sundra Flansburg, Director of Membership & Communications, at or (405) 232-8161, ext. 200.

Activated complimentary memberships

The number in parentheses represents the total number of complimentary memberships that have been activated by new members for the state. The names listed following the state name are the actual complimentary memberships that have been received by the national office.

State Name (number activated) - Names of activated new members.