Complimentary Membership Program

This initiative is open only Sept. 5 - Oct. 25, 2017

Each state is receiving 10 complimentary Active memberships to award. State leaders decide who are the best people to give them to, meeting the criteria that they will be new to ACDA or their membership has been expired at least 3 years, and they otherwise meet the requirements for Active membership.

These memberships are designed to bring in new members for a trial year, with the hope and expectation that they will experience first-hand the benefits of ACDA membership and renew on their own next year.

Considerations for states

  • Awardees should qualify for Active membership.
  • Your state needs a Retention Plan. Only 1 in 5 of the complimentary memberships awarded in fall 2014 were renewed in 2015. We can improve that by making a special effort with these members!
  • No refunds can be given to people who have already joined as a regular ACDA member, but later receive a complimentary certificate. Check with the national office if you would like to make sure that the people you are considering are not already members.
  • Complimentary memberships must be activated, or postmarked, by October 25, 2017.

Implementing the program

  • There are special membership forms to use for this program. State presidents must authorize/sign the form, and provide to selected new members. New members will need to complete the paper form and mail it to the ACDA national office using the address on the form, or email it to Complimentary membership forms: downloadable PDF form (Word version).
  • You can keep track of who has activated their complimentary membership by regularly visiting this page and the list below. This list is updated daily.
  • Once a new membership is processed, the ACDA national office will send the members a new member packet, as well as begin their subscription to Choral Journal. We strongly encourage states to proactively engage these members and check in with them throughout the year.
Questions? Contact Sundra Flansburg, Director of Membership & Communications, at or (405) 232-8161, ext. 200.

Activated complimentary memberships

The number in parentheses represents the total number of complimentary memberships that have been activated by new members for the state. The names listed following the state name are the actual complimentary memberships that have been received by the national office.

Alabama (2) - Henry Terry, Milton Williams.
Arizona (6) - Ariella Bell, Anna Goodwin, Camille Hartley, Alicia Langstraat, Teresa Ratliff, Lisa Zinn.
California (3) - Ashley Briar, Paul Herrera, William Melendez.
Delaware (2) - Elise Matalanaga, Ciara Smack.
Florida (3) - Elizabeth Mott, Shawn Pendry, Cortney Powers.
Illinois (4) - Andrew Gibb-Clark, Lynda Marshall, Nathan Rancatore, Montana Thomason.
Indiana (9) - Kendra Altheide, Alex Anderson, Sarah Bradley, Cynthia Carwile, Jennifer Dice, Nicholas Gray, Patrick Ritsch, Jeff Thornton, Patrice Villines.
Iowa (7) - Adam Brown, Jill Duggan, Carrie Greer, Amanda Lee, Lindsay Marks, Cecilia Shutt, Elliott Stern.
Louisiana (1) - B. Russell Givens.
Maine (19) - Alexander Adams, Susan Barre, Michelle Briggs, Seth Briggs, Craig Bryan, Nancy Cash-Cobb, Patricia Gordan, Rebecca Hanaburg, Nikolas Koulhe, Bethany Kirkpatrick, Renovia Marro-Day, Pauline Miller, Christine Proefrock, Christine Sawtelle, Adam Scarone, Bill Schubeck, Saphrona Stetson, Rose Underkofler, Andrea Wollstadt.
Massachusetts (10) - Rebecca Abalutzk, Kaitlyn Braman, Stuart Britton, Kimberly Calandrelli, Caitlin Goldman, Rob Goldman, Colleen Grady, Kathleen Kenny, Julie Signa, Marcia J. Wytrwal.
Michigan (9) - Vickie Crouse, Ryan Dawley, Meghan Eldred, Rebekah Ferguson, Martha Koenke, Jared Leuck, Joel Moore, Jaime Priest, Mandy Mikita Scott.
Minnesota (10) - Molly Bleess, Nathaniel Chesher, Paul Christenson, Sam Christenson, Andrew Gaylord, Katherine Jardon, Melissa O'Neill, Andrew Paulson, Adrianne J. Theusch, Ethan Wightkin.
Mississippi (6) - Cherie Bowe, Elizabeth Butler, Rachel Dennis, Joycelyn Minor, Barbara Sanders, Riley Smith.
Montana (5) - Sallie Arnold, Draylen Askvig, Sara Herdina, Tsai-Ying Li, Peter Wilson.
New Hampshire (9) - Christopher Belding, Kristen Brazauski, Kaley Briden, Roseanna Drysdale, Sarah Evans, Kaitlin Hart, Patrick Moore, Elizabeth Vanderhoek, Erin Zaffini.
New Jersey (1) - Alison Willemsen.
New York (1) - Gail Archer.
North Carolina (5) - Tonya Allison, Michah Brewer, Heather Copley, Edward Murphy, Morgan Soja, Candace Wilson. 
North Dakota (10) - Christian Boechler, Craig Goettle, Dominick Goettle, Eric Harlow, Sydney Johnson, Rachelle Klein, Aaron McDermid, Joel Ruby, Madeline Schuesller, Ryan Fettig Shields.
Ohio (8) - Susan Breen, Lauren Colotto, Sophia Fleshman, Chelsea Green, Aly Horn, Tyler Robertson, Angelica Weichman. 
Oregon (5) - Angela Hjertstedt, Hannah Klammer, Katrina Kohman, Margie Phillips, Kalyn Simpson, Stephen Thompson.
Pennsylvania (1) - Luke Diamond.
South Carolina (2) - Troy Dunbar, Hannah Timms.
South Dakota (12) - Brielle Bohle, Jim Cosman, Michaela Doyle, Kelsey Marker, Danica Mickelson, Kari Owens, Josh Rolling, Kurt Schwarzenhart, Luke Swanson, Nicole Hofer Timmerman, Jami Whitney, Molly Woodard.
Tennessee (5) - Matthew Clark, Brianna Daugherty, Cody Duff, Gavin Wigginson, Molly Wineland.
Vermont (4) - Mary Kathryn Clark, Sara Doncaster, Katelyn Liptak, Alastair Stout.
Virginia (10) - Arianne Barrus, Tiffany Cook, Jordan Davidson, Nicholas Dennis, Bradley A. Fore, Marvin Gilliam Jr., Will Griffin, Alissa King, Ingrid Lestrud, Kyle Miller.
Washington (28) - Thomas Albertson, Rebecca Bisson, Monica Camp, Anne Carlson, Lucinda Dalrymple, Katherine De Lima, Michael DeFuria, Brittany DeLong, Yuk-Pey Lin, Heidi Forslund, Melissa Gamage, Natalie Gore, Aly Henniger, Taylor Iverson, Tara Loth, Myriaha Maxwell, Michael McCormick, Lesley Niemi, Colby Ostheimer, Nathan Rodahl, Amber Rogers, Sonja Sarr, Craig Schell, Andrea Siedlecki, Cara Swenson, Ted Trigg, Shegay Vanderpool, Kaitlin Webster, Schyler Williams.
West Virginia (7) - Lisa Anderson, Bronwyn Clagett, Carrie George, Brian Lauck, Michael Murphy, Cassandra Nelson, Kaitlyn Schramm (Smith).
Wyoming (6) - Sonja Brue, Paige Denny, Elin Mayo, Zachary Nash, Laura Robison, Tiger Robison.