2018 Sing Up Membership Drive Tools

The 2018 Sing Up Membership Drive rewards both new members and retention of existing members by looking at your net gain or loss of members at the end of the drive on November 15, 2018.

Retaining New & Current Members

Download your free Member Retention Toolkit! (Click image to open)

If there is anything you do this year, think about creating and implementing a retention plan. Many states already have something like that, but don't call it that. If you do not yet have one, consider adding even just one additional contact with new members during the year.

  • Commit to sending a personal welcome note or email within the first month of a new member’s year. Some states email all new AND renewing members within a week.
  • Think about other strategic moments for a personal contact. Halfway through the year? The month before their membership year ends? The month after their membership expires?
  • Send a personal email or make a phone call to invite a new member to your state conference or other activity. Aim for at least two personal communications in a new member’s first year. Recruit others to help.
  • Help connect new and existing members. Suggest ACDA Mentoring and offer to pair a new member up with a buddy if they decide to attend a state event.
  • Ask students to consider providing a “permanent” address and email – for example, a parent’s mailing address and a non-school email.
  • Reach out to retiring members. Most “get” service, and may respond well to suggestions of ways they can continue to give to the profession like mentoring via ACDA Mentoring, giving to the Fund for Tomorrow, and other ways.

Recruiting New Members

  • Make use of the two incentive programs now being offered states and members: (1) the Complimentary Membership Program and (2) the Student Membership Initiative.
  • Consider appropriate program modifications for the Student or Complimentary Memberships Programs if you feel those would make the programs better suited to your state's needs.
  • Contact recently lapsed members. The most commonly provided reason that people give for recent membership lapses is that they forgot to renew, or thought they had. For a list of your state's recently expired members, contact our membership & communications coordinator (membership@acda.org).
  • Reconnect with former members and invite them to rejoin. You can obtain a list from the ACDA national office of your state's expired memberships. Contact our membership & communications coordinator (membership@acda.org).
  • Talk with Active ACDA members based in colleges and universities about establishing ACDA student chapters. Do you know where student chapters are located in your state? Check the "National List of Student Chapters" on the Youth & Student Activities page .

Talking Points

Special Membership Forms

  • Membership Form to use with Complimentary Memberships Program (must be signed and approved by the state president)
  • There is no print form for the Student Membership Initiative. They must submit a form online

Other Membership Drive Resources

Facebook Group for Membership Chairs. "ACDA Membership Chairs" is a group specifically for membership chairs at the state and division levels to post questions and share experiences. Please join this community if you are a membership chair, share your progress and questions, and read others' posts.

Facebook Group for Presidents and President-elect. "ACDA Leadership - State Presidents/Pres. Elect was created to be a gathering place for current state leadership. If you hold that ACDA Office, please request to join.


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