Student Member Initiative 2019-20

Do you want your state to be a participating state in the Student Membership Initiative 2019-20?

Following is information about the program, and instructions for participating.

Know the program basics

New student members pay only $5. Both state and the national office subsidize each membership in the amount of $15.

States must opt in to the program for students in their state to participate, even if they participated last year. (Click here to check the list of participating states. )

The program runs from July 1, 2019, through June 30, 2020.

Are you interested? Keep reading.

Opt in to the program

To opt-into the initiative for your students, the state president must complete the Google form (click here) indicating that they understand the state financial commitment to the program.

Understand the new process

Tell students in your state that when they join online (online is the only way to access this discounted dues amount), on the first screen they enter their address from a participating state in creating an account. Once that address is submitted, when the membership options and dues page comes up, student dues will be listed as $5. If for some reason the discount is not showing, they can contact the national office for assistance - they should not join at $35, since we cannot process refunds for the difference.

Once students submit their membership form online and pay their $5 dues, their student membership will be activated within one business day.

As those memberships are received, the national office will periodically invoice state treasurers for the $15 state portion of the cost.

Pay the $15/membership when invoiced by the National Office

That's all there is to it!

Do you have questions about your invoice? Contact Trina Kopacka, our membership & communications coordinator, at or (405) 232-8161, ext. 110.

Do you have program questions? Contact Director of Membership & Communications, Sundra Flansburg (405-232-8161, ext. 200).