Are you a student? If you live in a participating state, the Student Membership Initiative allows you to join ACDA for only $5 your first year.

Do you qualify for this initiative?

There are two conditions for your participation:

1. You must be a new ACDA member.
This initiative is for new ACDA members only.

2. You must reside in a state that has chosen to participate in the program.
Click here to see the list of participating states .

Do the online Join Now process!

This program runs July 15, 2019 - June 30, 2020. To utilize the program, just start the process for joining ACDA online . You will fill out a first page, which creates your account. When you click on "Save," the system reads the state you are residing in and on the next page, which offers membership category options, you will see that your student rate is $5. Select that, and proceed with the process. Your membership will be set up as soon as you complete the join process.

This year, the $5 dues is offered only for new members in participating states, and for online joins.

If you join and pay online using the normal student rate of $35, we will be unable to refund regular student dues, so if you don't see the $5 option, please notify our membership coordinator ( so that she can help you get it processed correctly.

Click here for the list of states currently participating in the Student Membership Initiative.