2020 Sing Up Membership Drive

September 15 - November 15, 2020

Is your state ready for Sing Up? 

What to expect

Your baseline for a starting number will be June 30, 2020. You will receive that number, along with other membership drive materials by mid-August. Contact Sundra Flansburg if you would like to know that number before then.

Your state's goal? Add as many new members as you can through Nov. 15, and keep the members you already have. Click here to view possible Rewards and Recognition for this year's drive. Click on any of the links below to learn more about the special tools we are offering for member recruitment and retention.

Decide about participating in the Student Membership Initiative

Student Membership Initiative
States have the option to offer this program or not, and can include caps on the total number of students who can participate in it. Those states that opt-in offer first-year student dues of just $5! If states choose to participate, they subsidize those $5 student membership with a $15 state contribution on each, which is matched with a $15 national contribution.

Information for State Leaders
Information for Students
List of Participating States

Publicize the Refer a Colleague Program with your chapter membership

Refer a Colleague Program
This program encourages members to help in new member recruitment. When a current ACDA member refers someone who subsequently joins ACDA, we thank them both. We send both of them a thank you gift (to be determined!).

Determine how to distribute your 10 complimentary Active memberships

Complimentary Membership Program
Each state can award up to 10 free Active memberships through this program, with the condition that there be a retention plan in place. The retention plan can be as simple as ensuring that each of those comped memberships receives a personalized welcome, and later in the year, a personalized invitation to a state event.

Ensure you are connected with membership drive news

The national office will send out regular emails to state leaders (presidents, presidents-elect, membership chairs). Please also follow our Membership & Communications Director Sundra Flansburg on Facebook and Twitter. When you post anything membership drive related, please use the #SingUpACDA hashtag.

Explore additional tools and strategies

Click here for more membership drive tools (you must be logged in to access)!