Membership Categories

A brief description of each member category is provided below. Your membership category is determined by your professional situation - click here to review benefits for each category.

If you have ever had an ACDA membership, please renew that membership rather than create a new account. If you have forgotten your log-in information, or need to change member category, please contact the National Office for assistance.

Individual Membership Options

In addition to the dues listed below, Minnesota and Iowa add additional state dues to select categories to support enhanced member services in their state. 

Please note: You will need to contact the National Office if you wish to change your membership category. You are not able to do that on your own. 

Active ($125) - This is the correct category for the vast majority of our members. You are an Active member if you have a paid part-time or full-time choral position, or are responsible for the administration of a choral program. Canada-based members are Active members, and receive full Active member benefits, including a print Choral Journal.

Retired ($45) - The Retired category is a courtesy for former Active members who have retired from all paid choral positions, full-time or part-time.

Student ($35) - You may select Student membership if you are a high school or college/university student AND do not have a paid full-time or part-time choral position. (If you have any kind of paid choral position, you should choose Active membership.) You may also use the Student category upon leaving school for up to two years, until you are able to secure a paid position, either part-time or full-time.

Associate ($45) - If you are not currently conducting or serving as an administrator for a choir, you may join as an ACDA Associate, which is an online membership. Associate members receive an online Choral Journal, and are not eligible to sponsor students for Honor Choirs or attend conferences.

International ($45) - If you live outside the United States and Canada you should use the international member category. International members receive an online Choral Journal.

Life ($3,000, or $200 per year for 15 years) - If you have been an ACDA Active member for at least 10 years, you may become a Life member by paying $3,000 in dues (lump sum, or paid over a maximum of 15 years, at least $200 per year). While you are paying, you are a "Paying Life" member. Life and Paying Life members have all of the benefits of Active membership, and once the payment is completed, are never charged for membership dues again. If you wish to begin a Paying Life membership, you must contact the National Office ( or 405-232-8161, ext. 110) so that your eligibility can be confirmed and your new category established.
** Please note: As a Paying Life member you are expected to pay your annual installment of at least $200 per year, as you would member dues. Your membership will become inactive if you miss your payment. While some grace period may be allowed, at the discretion of staff, if your Paying Life membership lapses for six months or more, your payment total will reset at $3,000 should you choose to reactivate your membership.

Institutional or Business Membership Options

If you wish to join as a organization member, you must complete and submit a special membership form . Industry and Institutions cannot join online.

Organizational memberships are available to groups, such as choirs, music departments, and businesses. These categories provide options to those organizations related to conference exhibits and advertising. They do not offer individual members of those organizations access to conferences or the ability to sponsor students. 

Institution ($125) - This category is for ensembles or school/church music departments.

Industry ($150) - This category is for music-related businesses.

If your organization wishes to join ACDA as an Institution or Industry member, you must download an organizational membership form and pay your first dues by check or credit card (information collected on the membership form). Each organizational membership must have an administrator set up, who will have the ability to update information and renew the membership online in subsequent years.

Library Subscriptions

Library subscriptions to Choral Journal (not an ACDA membership) are available for U.S. addresses for $45 per year (Canada - $50; other international - $170). Back issues of Choral Journal are $4 an issue.  Please contact Olga Funderburk (Tel: 405-232-8161, ext. 108) for information.

Are you or have you ever been a member?
Please log-in and RENEW your membership rather than create a new, duplicate one! Contact us for assistance, if needed.

Have Any Membership Questions?

Here at ACDA we value your membership and want you to feel taken care of! If you have general questions that you may not know the answer to - try our frequently asked questions page. If you prefer more direct assistance call one of our ACDA staff members .