Member Benefits

Individual Membership

 ACDA Periodicals  Active / Retired / Life  Student  Associate  Intern'l
 Choral Journal - print edition no no no
 Choral Journal - online edition  
 ChorTeach (online)    
 International Journal for Research in Choral Singing (online)    
 IFCM International Choral Bulletin (online)    

 ACDA Events & Meetings

 ACDA National Conference (biennial) - option to register & attend no
 ACDA regional conferences (biennial) - option to register & attend no
 ACDA special focus events (e.g., research symposiums, children's choir conductor conferences, middle school educator conferences, boychoir conferences) - option to register & attend   no 
 ACDA state chapter conferences and events - option to register & attend   no   
 ACDA Programs & Services Active / Retired / Life  Student Associate   Intern'l
 ACDA Mentoring   no 
 ACDA Career Center    
 ChoralNet- full benefits in the professional networking site for the global community  
 Membership in the International Federation for Choral Music - online access to publications and resources   no no
 Repertoire Resources & Listening Active / Retired / Life
 Student Associate  Intern'l
 Performance and educational videos on our ACDA YouTube channel    
 Resource & Repertoire committees and resources at the state, regional & national levels     no
 Committee vetted and publisher reading sessions at state, regional & national conferences     no
 Musica International, an international virtual choral library - full, privileged access        
 Listen to pre-released choral music before others get the chance at "First Listen"    
 For Your Students Active / Retired / Life   Student  Associate  Intern'l
 Sponsor students for Honor Choirs or compete to be a Performance Choir at a conference   no  no no 
Discounts and specials on online fundraising platforms: Edco and Fund Fine Arts       no 
Other Member Benefits Active / Retired /Life  Student  Associate  Intern'l 
 Get the ACDA ringtone!        
 Nationwide offers members an exclusive discount on auto insurance. Plus you could save even more when you add Vanishing Deductible®. Learn more or call 1-866-633-5747     no  no
 Professional Citizenship Active / Retired / Life   Student Associate  Intern'l 
 Right to vote in ACDA elections and votes   no  no no 
 Right to hold leadership office at state, regional, and national levels   no no  no

Institution & Industry Membership

   Institution  Industry
 20% discount on advertising in the Choral Journal. Hyperlink to institution's website in the online Choral Journal
 Choral Journal - print version
 Choral Journal - online edition
 Access to register to exhibit at national conferences
 One coupon (upon request) to post a free job opening on ACDA's Career Center
 One representative may register to attend state, regional, and national conferences as an individual participant
 Vote or hold office in ACDA no  no