Student Membership

Student Membership Options

We have a special membership category for students, with a reduced rate, and work hard to provide ACDA students with a range of opportunities and benefits that are specific to their situations. You can currently take advantage of a special that allows recently graduated students (within two years of graduating) to continue student membership, if you haven't yet obtained a paying choral position. No special forms, just renew (or join) as a student. Some states have opted in to a special Student Membership Initiative that allows NEW student members to pay only $5 for their first year dues. Learn more and find out if your state is participating! Student membership is for high school, college or university, and graduate school students who don't yet have a paying choral position. At $35 per year, this membership category gives you access to almost all of the benefits of regular active membership.

Current Student Benefits

Most ACDA members benefits are available to students as well. Two of note are (1) ACDA Mentoring, a choral conductor mentoring program that you can learn more about at, and (2) student chapters, bringing student members of ACDA together on college campuses. To learn more about student chapters, click here. There, you can also find out how to start a chapter at your school, if there isn't one already. In addition:
  • The Choral Journal in e-journal format
  • ACDA's electronic journals ChorTeach (for the music educator) and the International Journal for Research in Choral Singing (for scholarly choral articles)
  • Publish in the "Student Times" section of Choral Journal (for information, click here )
  • Full conference and state meetings options, including graduate credit and Continuing Education Units for qualifying national and divisional conference activities
  • Student scholarships to national and some divisional conferences
  • Student conducting and composition awards
  • Outstanding doctoral research award

Student Activities

To learn more about what activities you can be involved in as a student member click here

ACDA Student Chapters

Are you interested in impacting your campus as an ACDA member? Start a student chapter! All you will need is a chapter advisor, a student president, and a group who wants to share in your choral work! Click here to check out our repertoire and resources page for more student chapter information! Some of the benefits you will find are:
  • ChorTransform - A partnership between Colleges/Universities, Student Chapters, and Local Choral Programs that allows college students to aid choral programs in need.
  • A list of active student chapters
  • Student Involvement Facebook Initiative
  • Mentorship Program - ACDA is interested in helping you create connections

Join ACDA Now!

Click here to join online , and click here to download a form to mail or fax to us. When joining online:
  • Click on "Join Now" and fill in your contact information to create an account.
  • When you click on "Save," you will be taken to the second page, which will give you an option to select Student Membership. Just follow the instructions from there!

A Tip on Your Account Information
Please consider including a permanent or medium-term mailing address and a personal email address when you enter your information online (or on a printed membership form). Student members of ACDA represent the membership group we most lose contact with due to old addresses and emails. You'll move on from your student days, but we hope you don't move on from ACDA!