ACDA & Hinshaw Music Historical Works Series

Call for Proposals. The Historical Works Series helps serve ACDA purposes in fostering and promoting high quality choral music informed by significant research. We invite submissions of edited choral works previously unavailable in modern editions or new editions of works already in print.

Guidelines for Submission

Submit scores set in a professional music notation program with editorial suggestions clearly identified, supplemented with the following materials.

  • A list of editions currently in print, if applicable, and a description of editorial procedures that differentiate the new edition.
  • Historical notes (e.g., composer and poet information, cultural context, etc.)
  • Performance practice information, with pronunciation guide and English translation as applicable.
  • A performance audio or video recording of the edition is preferred, or digitized notation-software audio file otherwise.
  • A digital file in notation-software format (e.g. Finale or Sibelius).

Submit scores and requested materials to the Research and Publications Standing Committee liaison: Alan Gumm ( Submissions are reviewed by a panel of peer choral scholars, with accepted proposals published through a partnership with Hinshaw Music. Submitters will be notified regarding acceptance of the proposal within three months of the date of submission. Submission Deadline: Open

Review Subcommittee. Gary Weidenaar, chair; Greg Gentry, Richard Sparks, and Bob Sabourin, peer reviewers; Alan Gumm, Research and Publications Standing Committee liaison.