IJRCS Volume 3

Editorial: Does Choral Art Sit on Its Rear End?

"Mother Theresa, How Can I Help You?:" The Story of Elvera Voth, Robert Shaw, and the Bethel College Benefit Sing-Along For Arts in Prison, Inc.
Mary L. Cohen, The University of Iowa

"Our Voices Enlighten, Inspire, Heal, and Empower:" A Mixed Methods Investigation of Demography, Sociology, and Identity Acquisition in a Gay Men's Chorus
Marvin E. Latimer, Jr., The University of Alabama

Self-Reported Student Voice Use at a High School Summer Choral Camp
Judy Bowers, The Florida State University
James F. Daugherty, The University of Kansas

Chorister Perceptions of Real-Time Displays of Spectra in the Choral Rehearsal: A Feasibility Study
John Nix, Gary Mabry, and Amy Mathews-Muttwill, The University of Texas at San Antonio

Planning and Recording Acoustic Research of Choral Singing
--An IJRCS Tutorial
Richard J. Morris, The Florida State University