IJRCS Volume 4

IJRCS Vol. 4, No. 1, Fall 2012

Editorial: Moving Forward
Assessing and Enhancing Feedback of Choral Conductors Through Analysis and Training
Tucker Biddlecombe, Vanderbilt University

Hearing Doses and Perceptions of Hearing and Singing Effort Among University Choral Singers in Varied Rehearsal and Performance Settings
Sheri L. Cook-Cunningham, Melissa L. Grady, and Heather Nelson, The University of Kansas

The Effect of Nonverbal Conductor Lip Rounding and Eyebrow Lifting on Singers' Lip and Eyebrow Postures: A Motion Capture Study
Jeremy N. Manternach, The University of Arizona

Quantitative Voice Class Assessment of Amateur Choir Singers: A Pilot Investigation
Christian T. Herbst, The University of Vienna
Elke Duus, The University of Regensburg
Harald Jers, College of Music, Cologne
Jan G. Švec, Palacký University Olomouc

The A Cappella Oratorio: An Investigation of Interactions Between Ethos and Fine Art in Choral Singing Among Old Mennonites at Hesston College (1912-1949)
Matthew Schloneger, Hesston College

Students' Registration in Collegiate Choral Ensembles: Factors That Influence Continued Participation
Trent R. Brown, Florida Gulf Coast University

Endnotes: Announcements of Professional Interest

IJRCS Vol. 4, No. 2, Spring 2013

Editorial: Voice Care Training for Choral Conductors

The English Choral Tradition and the Secular Trend in Boys' Pubertal Timing
Martin Ashley, Edge Hill University, United Kingdom

Changes in Tone Quality as a Function of Focus of Attention in Untrained Singers
Rebecca L. Atkins and Robert A. Duke, The University of Texas at Austin

The Effects of Watching Three Types of Conductor Gestures and Performing Varied Gestures Along with the Conductor on Measures of Singers' Intonation and Tone Quality: A Pilot Study
Melissa C. Brunkan, Louisiana State University

The Many Facets of Madeleine Marshall: A Historical and Cultural Perspective of Madeleine "Graham Jones" Marshall (1899-1993), Author of The Singer's Manual of English Diction
Sheri L. Cook-Cunningham, The University of Kansas

A Quantitative Content Analysis of In-Text Citations in Choral Pedagogy Books Published Between 1989-2009
Sarah K. Jones, Marion Independent School District Iowa

Critical Thinking in the Choral Rehearsal: An Initial Study of Approaches to Teacher Training
Jessica Nápoles, The University of Utah
Sandra Babb, CUNY Queens College
Judy Bowers, Florida State University
Matthew Garrett, Case Western Reserve University
Angel Vázquez-Ramos, Chapman University

Endnotes: Announcements of Professional Interest