Repertoire and Resources

Repertoire and resources (R&R) are at the heart of ACDA's work. The national R&R committee provides support, vision, and resources for every major area of choral works within ACDA. R&R chairs in ACDA regions and states are appointed by their respective presidents.

National Repertoire & Resources Committee

Amy Blosser, National Repertoire & Resources Chair

Youth Choirs

Youth Choirs Coordinator - Gretchen Harrison

Children's & Community Youth  - Cheryl Dupont
Junior High/Middle School Choirs - Nathan Dame
Senior High School Choirs - Damion Womack

Collegiate Choirs

Collegiate Choirs Coordinator - Amanda Quist

College & University Choirs - Jason Paulk
Student Activities - David Edmonds

Lifelong Choirs

Lifelong Choirs Coordinator - Terre Johnson

Community Choirs - Kevin McBeth
Music in Worship - Bryan Black

Repertoire Specific

National Repertoire & Resources Chair - Amy Blosser

Contemporary/Commercial - Mike Weaver
Ethnic Music - Jose Rivera
Men's Choirs - Christopher Kiver
Vocal Jazz - Gregory Amerind
Women's Choirs - Phillip Swan