Senior High School Choirs

Mission Statement

National Repertoire and Standards Committee on Senior High School Choirs Mission - The National Committee on Senior High Choirs actively and effectively serves its ACDA constituency by generating interest in high school choirs, identifies and encourages the selection of quality music for the high school choir, promotes significant musical activities for the high school choir, and develops projects that enhance the choral art.

Repertoire and Standards Committee Mission - The Choral Repertoire and Standards Committee shall seek to improve the quality of choral performance and literature in the United States. - Article XIII, Section 4, ACDA Bylaws


Damion Womack

Conference Reading Lists

2010 Western Division Conference Reading List (PDF)

2009 National Conference Reading List (PDF)
2009 NW Division Summer Conference Reading List (PDF)

2008 Southern Conference Reading List (PDF)
2008 North Central Conference Reading List (PDF)
2008 Northwestern Conference Reading List (PDF)
2008 Western Conference Reading List (PDF)

Conference Resources

2009 Sr. High School Roundtable Discussion (PDF)