Student Chapters

New Program: ChorTransform

ACDA student chapters have a brand-new opportunity this year! ChorTransform is structured around the tenets of service learning, and takes students out of their usual settings into underserved choral programs and populations. More here.

Active ACDA Student Chapters

Here is the list of active student chapters (current as of September 2018).


Let Us Know What Your Chapter Is Doing

ACDA's Choral Journal regularly includes Student Chapter Updates. Email news updates and photos to Trina Kopacka, membership & communications coordinator. Updates should be 250 words or fewer and include the name and email address for the person we should contact if there are questions on the information. Also include the name of your college or university, and the state in which you are located. Preference is given to submissions that are interesting, creative, and relevant to other student chapters and the wider ACDA membership.

Be a Part of ACDA's Instagram (@acda_nation) Highlights - #Noted

ACDA wants to be a part of your success. Please send in pictures of your group to the Trina Kopacka, so as to be featured on the ACDA Instagram. 

Are You Starting or Reactivating a Student Chapter?

We offer you a variety of resources and suggestions:

If you want to establish a new student chapter, once you lay the groundwork on campus, please submit (1) a completed application form and (2) a copy of your student chapter constitution. We require that your chapter advisor be a current ACDA member, as well as your student chapter president. Of course, we encourage all of the student chapter members be ACDA members, and in participating states, that may only be $5 for your first year (learn more about the Student Membership Initiative).

For schools who once had a chapter, just submit a Reactivation Form .

Questions? Please contact Trina Kopacka, membership & communications coordinator. Student chapter forms can also be emailed or mailed to her (American Choral Directors Association, 545 Couch Dr., Oklahoma City, OK 73102-2207).

Student Chapter Annual Report Due Every Year on May 15

The annual report form is short and sweet! Every student chapter must submit a report every year in order to stay active in ACDA's records. Active chapters are notified when student-focused opportunities arise, such as scholarships and student events. Annual Report found here.

National Standards for Student Chapters

Successful collegiate ACDA chapters:

  1. Encourage and stimulate student membership and involvement in ACDA at the state, division, and national levels.
  2. Promote and recognize the involvement of ACDA student chapters on college campuses.
  3. Sponsor activities and sessions at the local level that engage the training and experience of student choral musicians
  4. Encourage student attendance and involvement at ACDA division and national conferences through scholarship projects.

ACDA student activities include:

  1. Student symposia and workshops
  2. Conducting master classes
  3. Reading sessions
  4. Sponsorship of activities and sessions at ACDA conferences that directly relate to the training and experience of student choral musicians.