Community Choirs

A community choir is a choir that draws its membership from a community at large and is not restricted to a single institution. This means that community children's choirs, symphony choruses, professional, semi-professional, and amateur choirs can all fall under the genre of community choir. All of these choirs are unique, yet all share the goals of advancing the choral art through rehearsal and performance and the production of beautiful vocal music. These standards are meant to be an active document, a source of discussion and reflection. They can apply to any community choir, professional or amateur, big or small, for they are all engaged in promoting musical activities that enhance the community choral art.

Mission Statement

Realizing that singing is a life-long pursuit begun in childhood, nurtured in adolescence and advanced in post-secondary education, and that the community choir is the culminating step in this life-long process, the National Repertoire and Standards Committee for Community Choirs seeks to serve as a resource for networking, support, information, advocacy, repertoire, and performance and preparation standards for all genres and levels of the community choral art.


National Chair: Kevin McBeth (
Central Region Chair: Wishart Bell (
Eastern Region Chair: Steven Russell (
North Central Region Chair: Thomas Porter (
Northwestern Region Chair: Karen Thomas (
Southern Region Chair: Gary Anderson (
Southwestern Region Chair: Mark Lawley
Western Region Chair: Magen Solomon (