Resources for K-12 Choral Educators

About half of all ACDA members list a high school, middle school, or elementary school choir as their primary choral activity. So what does membership offer you, a music educator? When we ask school-based members what they receive from membership, they speak mainly about connection, inspiration, and repertoire ideas.


Let's face it. A choir teacher's life can feel isolating at times. As many of our members note, it is not unusual to be the only choir person in your building, or even your district. The opportunity to relate with others who share your passion is energizing. One of the benefits that we consistently hear about from members is the connection to others who share your love of choirs. Missouri member Elizabeth McFarland says it this way: "My best friends are part of the ACDA community. I love the people I have around me, but they are not as interested in choral music as I am. It's through ACDA that I connect with people from all over who care deeply about the art."


ACDA members care about excellence in their art and are moved by it. Conferences are one way that members can enjoy world-class performances that feed their souls and inspire them when they return to their classrooms. Additionally, members tell us that sponsoring students for ACDA Honor Choirs conducted by leading choral directors from around the country opens the eyes and ears of their best students to what is possible in the choral arts.

Repertoire & Other Classroom Resources

The classroom (and the choir room) require a lot of practical know-how and skills in a wide range of areas, like classroom management, voice development, and - constantly - new repertoire. ACDA offers all choral music all the time. ChorTeach (Terry Barham, editor) is an online resource for choral directors and music educators who are searching for answers and need fresh ideas or techniques to meet practical needs. State, division, and national conferences have special events and activities just for teachers. We also constantly review and prepare new repertoire lists for our members. 

State Resources for Choral Educators

A number of ACDA state chapters have created excellent resources and inspiration especially for their choir teacher members.

Still considering? Contact us, or talk to your state ACDA chapter to find out what we have for you.