Resources for Student Members

Most ACDA members benefits are available to students as well. Some that are especially for students and young professionals.:


  • The Choral Journal in e-journal format, which regularly includes columns aimed at student interests
  • ACDA's electronic journals ChorTeach (for the music educator) and the International Journal for Research in Choral Singing (for scholarly choral articles)

Publishing Opportunities

  • Publish in the "Student Times" section of Choral Journal (for information, contact Student Times editor, Jason Paulk)


  • Full conference and state meetings options, including graduate credit and Continuing Education Units for qualifying national and regional conference activities
  • Student scholarships sometimes available to national and some regional conferences

Student Competitions and Awards


Ready to Join?

Your state may be participating in our annual Student Membership Initiative, which gives new student members a special $5 dues option. Click here to learn more about the program and see the list of states.