SSAA HS/Collegiate Honor Choir Audition

SSAA Voices in Grades 10 - 12 & Undergraduate College/University, 
Conducted by Dr. Sandra Snow
Auditions accepted September 1-30, 2018 

Recorded Audition Procedure for All Applicants 

Note: Audio-Enhanced Recordings will be disqualified. If enhancement is detected the submission will be discarded.  

You will submit three separate recordings described below to complete your audition. All recordings must be in mp3 format. Do not speak the name of the applicant or otherwise identify the applicant on the recording. Applicant name and identifying information will be hidden from the audition judging committee to ensure a blind audition. 



Sing the exercise below corresponding to the voice part you are auditioning for exactly as notated. Play only the starting pitch on a piano or pitch pipe.

* Each scale reflects the vocal range required for the repertoire that has been selected for this choir.

Soprano 1: A Major

Soprano 2: G Major

Alto 1: Eb Major

Alto 2: C Major


Sing a prepared excerpt of “My Mother’s Words” by Andrea Ramsey along with the accompaniment only track. 
Everyone should sing from the pick-up to measure 16 through measure 30 of movement 2 on the voice part for which you are auditioning.

The recording with included voice parts is for your preparation only. Be sure to record with the accompaniment only track or your audition will be disqualified. Click on the hyperlinks provided below for the excerpt tracks and your sheet music. 

Vocal Parts and Accompaniment Track

Accompaniment Only Track

SSAA ACDA Honor Choir Audition Excerpt


Sing 60 seconds of a song of your choice that you feel best illuminates your talent. It can be any genre or style and may be accompanied or unaccompanied.

Technical support is available during the audition period by emailing or calling the helpline at (405)232-8161. Any questions not related to technical support can be addressed to the SSAA HS/Collegiate Honor Choir Coordinator, Sandra Babb, by emailing